Equipment Insight. Leveraging your machine services to grow your business.

Equipment Insight is a complete service enablement platform that allows OEMs to manage distributed assets in real-time to provide opportunities to generate new revenue streams and reduce your service costs.


Driven by visibility into the health of your machines.

Cloud-based analytics platform enables service people to be dispatched with an understanding of the problem and the correct parts and tools to expedite the repair.

Service Labor Reduction

Reduce on-site service costs by sending the right people with the right parts to the site.

Increase Revenue

Utilize proactive monitoring of installed machinery, Alerts and Case Management to drive MTTR down.

      Enhanced       Customer Experience

Machine data, documentation, pictures, and customer communication are maintained in a single application.

Every minute counts.

Downtime is critical for your customers. When a machine isn't running, their entire production is impacted damaging your reputation.

Through improved visibility into a machine health, you proactively monitor equipment to reduce compliance costs and the warranty risks on performance guarantee contracts.

Industries We Operate In


Food & Beverage

Facilities Management

Aerospace & Manufacturing

    Pulp     & Paper

   Power    & Energy

Oil & Gas

Unlock your new revenue streams.

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